Difference between PC games and PlayStation

Before going ahead we must little know the basic difference in PC games and playstation games. the PC games which you can play on different computer system which included different games like Shooting games IGI and other like GTA Games and puzzle game as well. While the other side games are the games which can be played on the play station. The games which can be played on different independent hardware.

PC games generally referred to the PC games which can only be managed on the PC or by the PC and can play non personal system. these game got peaked in 1983 after that there come little bit decline in this industry and other hardware devices are introduced for such gaming purpose.

The Games related to the PC are only can be played on the PC with the help of just playing the standard interface of the computer system. the devices used for  this purpose included are input and out put like example mouse keyboard, monitor or LCD and other peripheral devices likespeackers and mouse pad etc. these thing were required in old PC. New system have there own unique requirements like now you required to play games on PC a fast processing central processor unit, the high quality size Ram and 3D graphics required according to the games requirements besides this you may also need the third party software to run the system and enables for gaming. In order to make your system more fast your should need the system which have strong operating system packages and the software installed on the PC.

On the other hand the Play station games which are also know as PS Games which are introduced by the Sony computer entertainment with fifth and along with eight generation console. The first time the console was developed in December 1994 at japan. Actually the play station consist of four elements like media center, Online service, line of control phone and handhelds and without this multiple magzines.

Updated: June 1, 2019 — 10:08 pm

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