Why Gaming is Harmful To Harmful to children

Studies indicates that gaming are very fruitful for the child mental and health condition. The game are the good for the children until it will not contain such element which become the cause for the low academic records and some unwanted addictions, or changes of life style in negative context.To parents I will suggest that they should buy such games which are best for their children to build there thinking level. Now a days the toys are no relevance for the children majority of the children like to play games instead of toys. So parents should be conscious in choosing games.

At the beginning the parent feels that the their child are addicted to the games in this context parent should control on such condition by setting timetable for games. young child who are independent they can resist the situation. Sometime this thing become very negative impact when the child with no proper control on him become addicted of the games and then he also no take part in the social activities or at home owing to compulsive behavior. It also seems that such child also less care to help their parents at home. Because he all the time occupied by the games and fully motivated to that.

When we closely see the thing we see that this also have the great impact of academic performance as well. The lack of proper control may take you child out of study. And the child will feel happy to play game instead of doing his homework. Shooting Games like IGI or GTA or such games which children from every age like to play very happily. Adults are also lover of such games because it has some shooting scene which feel good while playing. If your children are not taking part in such activity they will definitely will not able to take interest in the study with full ambition the reason is that he always think of games all the time.

Updated: June 1, 2019 — 10:00 pm

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